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Extended Play has now been released over on Desura.

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Thats right folks! The non-canon mappack for Blue Portals, Extended Play, has now been released on Desura! To update your Blue Portals to the newest version, click on the shortcut and allow it to verify the files. Once verfied, Desura will compare what you've got (1.4.1) to the new release (1.5). After that, the new files will start downloading. Once completed, it will be under "Bonus Content".

Desura Digital Distribution

It's recommended by us that you only install the new and updated stuff only, as some of you might have stuff for the contest or custom content. And on defult settings, Desura will delete your custom content. So take caution in that! If you have any problems with Desura downloading the update, contact Desura support.

Speaking of custom content, the Blue Portals Mapping Competition hosted on is nearing its conclusion. Next week, we will be releasing an updated SDK file here on ModDB and packaged on Desura including the updated campaign vmfs. However, the Desura version of the SDK will include all of the Extended Play maps in vmf form. But for both files, the SDK will also have updated (and new prefabs and instances!), too.

After the winners are announced, all of the entries will be released on (We will link it.) So you don't need to download Desura to play the maps since there's really no point in updating contest entries down the line. Though, we will choose our favorite maps and add them in officially.

Sorry for the short article, we were planning on just uploading Extended Play to Desura, but we needed a way to let you guys know it was coming. Extended Play will be officially released out of Desura on our 'Clearance Update'.

Thanks as always:
~Blue Portals Development Crew/rHetoricAl

RubyCarbuncle - - 105 comments

:Dx∞ I cannot express my excitement with only the limited space gives me

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Cake_ - - 86 comments

I got Desura JUST for this mod :D

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nibbler234 - - 38 comments

I don't mean to be a drag, but I absolutely hate desura. I'd rather just simply download the extra content and install it in my source mods folder. It also never works the way you want it to. I try to install a mod, and it just sits there for hours and hours and does nothing. If you're going to go this way with desura, then count me out. Desura is just a piece of ****.

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TheMarshmallowBear - - 260 comments

Then maybe re-start everything, I personally like Desura, it is a very convinent ModDB's version of Steam :P.

And onto the mod

Really loved it, shame I kinda spoiled myself with the new "device" because I installed Portal 2's Portal sounds (from a map i downloaded).

Other than that i was simply awesome :)

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lodle - - 204 comments

hey nibbler, Sorry to hear that your having issues with Desura. As there is really only me working on the client im trying to fix bugs and make Desura stable and fast as possible. In the early stages there will be some issues but we are sorting them out as quick as we can. If you want me to help fix your issues send me a Private message.

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AlexIDV - - 1 comments

Nice! I'll try it out now.

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

Uhhhh... Wheres extended play? The game says its 5.0, but I look in Bonus Content, NO EXTENDED PLAY! I even looked in the maps folder in BLue Portals, no Extended play. :(

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mshee32 - - 52 comments

i loved echo it was cool just like the gravity gun in half life 2

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Groxkiller585 - - 131 comments

Took desura 5 times of verifying files to get it to completely DL but I did it. And it was well worth it!

Reep those maps were very fun, I liked ECHO and am surprised it actually worked; I can't figure out how you managed to make it so you could switch guns. I am assuming the g key is binded to strip the player of weapons, then spawn the other weapon?

I never had any portaled light problems, nor gun sprite problems, though the box one did happen. The sprites screwed up and all flew to 0,0,0 on the map, makes sense. That one spot became hard to look at.

However this was the only major problem I found. Great job reep! :D 10/10

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lodle - - 204 comments

Think i found the bug causing that. Shouldnt have to verify it so often in the next build of Desura. Sorry. :)

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ChilliusVGM - - 329 comments

**** Yea Its Been A Long Time

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Wheatley  - - 44 comments

it is the gravgun from hl2, only the model and the sprites changed

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Wheatley  - - 44 comments

hey try changing the crosshairs of it. when playing portal, i typed give weapon_physcannon and it worked fine?!

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Leon5250 - - 13 comments


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Leon5250 - - 13 comments

Thanks for this Extended Play :D

Very Very Good.

- Leon5250

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MiTaReX - - 5 comments

Well guys, all of you are baaaaaad people!
I just can't play Extended Play because desura is so bugged that it crashes every 2 minutes, it crashes when I do whatever and it does it whenever. It can't even check Blue Portals' Cache without crashing! I can't download EP! So I'm begging you, release it not only in this Crashura! Just lemme play it!

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Guest - - 698,460 comments

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Union_of_Universes - - 85 comments

Is it possible to play it now? I can't figure out, how to download.

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