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Recipes are the way Driftmoon handles smithing and alchemy.

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We've added explosives to our selection of recipes!

The first recipe is "My First Ticker Kit". I liked the Ticker monsters so much, that I made it possible for the player to build his/her own Tickers. Once dropped, the Ticker will seek out the nearest enemy and blow up, very useful when you're expecting a fistful of baddies around the next corner.

The second one is the "Mana Mine" recipe. It's a mine that you can deploy anywhere, and lure your enemies into it. Since it's a mine made out of a volatile mana potion, it will also fully recharge the mana of all who get caught in the explosion - including you. That means it's possible to whip up some pretty unorthodox strategies with the Mana Mine.

To refresh your memory, recipes are the way Driftmoon handles smithing and alchemy. The basic ingredients can readily be found in the forests of Driftmoon, and the few rarer ingredients only exist in dungeons or shops.

Last in the video is the new Spikey monster that blows a full volley of deadly pellets when someone hits it. After we thought up the words Spikey Chain Reaction, I simply had to add the creature to the game. It's a fairly easy monster that you can easily beat with archery. But if you get ambushed by a group of Spikeys in a tight corridor, hitting one of them can actually kill you at once.

From Hogpuff's Biggish Book of Monsters:
Spikey - This strange blind insect fires small calcite pellets from its mouth. When provoked, it will fire all of its pellets at once. The spikey population has lately seen a sharp decline, as the popular sport called Spikey Chain Reaction (also known as Spikey Dominoes) has caught on.

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