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Taking a dive into the world of Skycrown, starting with a look at the world and the tvill, one of the world’s sentient races.

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The tvill is a truly intriguing race, their ways of life may seem simple and humble, yet their ingenuity seem to know few bounds. But before that, let’s take a deeper look at their story—Or what’s known of it, that is.

You see, there seem to be massive gaps in the knowledge about not only the tvill, but also the other sentient races across Skycrown – But let’s stick to the tvill for now.

You might be asking; Why’s that there is nothing known of their history? Unfortunately, many details are still shrouded in mystery, and it has been seemingly impossible to find consistent traces of the world and its inhabitants’ pasts. Some information has been passed on through stories of the past, told by village elders, turning into embellished myths and legends through generations passed. The grandiose tellings have mostly been deemed insufficiently specific, glorifications of simple wishfulness or simply too outrageous to be taken into serious account.

Though if the truth be told, some researchers still feel that there are clues to be found even in the most astounding of tales. If we go by their lines, there seem to be things of similar nature that occur in a multitude of situations – although not identical, their likeness should be sufficient to draw loose conclusions both about their existence as well as their impacts on the world of Skycrown.

Most significant of them all, alluding to why traces of past civilizations – now reduced to mere rubble and the odd part of a structure found intact – have been found scattered throughout the world, most of the time seemingly completely at random, and without traces of any actual permanent settlements in the areas of discovery. These findings often appear similar in both architectural style and age, pointing towards a past where many races and their cultures co-existed within the confines of a single, humongous establishment. None seem to hold a firm understanding of when, why or how this joint civilization collapsed, but most evidence point towards its existence.

These speculations, and the more scientific approach to investigating the past, is not the work of the tvill however. They are in general not interested in things like their past or what their ancestors were up to, but prefer to live in the now.

The only time they pay history any heed would be in times of celebration, when village elders would put on shows and tell the young ones about what they have learned about the past, and to try teach valuable life lessons through these tales.

Topics in these tales would cover a vast amount of subjects; from delicious fruits found in ominous caves to masterful tvill warriors fighting monsters ten times their size – something the tvill would actually never consider possible – or schools of demon tribes reputedly thriving in the forests surrounding ruins of the forgotten past.

These stories are believed to be one of the most impactful reasons as to why the tvill have adapted their current secluded tribal structures, only ever making contact with other tvill tribes, and never with the other sentient races. Children grow up scared of the world around them, making them avoid leaving the village unless necessary, eventually causing them to lose all their natural adventurous spirit.

In a wider view of things, this behaviour is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather something that has led them to strongly rely on their internal strengths and to always support each other when possible. Another outcome of this behaviour is their skillfulness and ingenuity when it comes to using what the nature around them has to offer to improve their standard of living, to make menial tasks less cumbersome to deal with or to simply pass time. We’ll discuss the result of these things in an upcoming chapter.

The tvill—helpful, friendly, calm and skillful. Secluded societies of tribes where every individual is valued greatly. They would never seek conflict, and seek to avoid all forms of danger. What role could they possibly play in the grand scheme of things? Only time will tell.

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