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Nevalys: Brief overview of four provinces in the continent of Palinor. Adventure awaits.

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Game World: The North

Nevalys has a game world spanning 128 sq. km over different geographies. Located in the fantasy plane called Palinor, it streches across snowy mountain peaks of Palemos to marshy swamplands of Borotos all the way to the dry deserts of Morothean.

Nevalys is divided across 9 provinces each with a separate culture and set of traditions. The provinces can be listed as,

1. Palemos
Palemos is the northern most province in Palinor and has four different ranges of mountains of hills each with different heights and locations to explore! Covering an area of 14 sq km, Palemos has a diverse amount of flora and fauna indigenous to the region. Palemos is often considered the spiritual capital of the country and is home to the largest number of shrines and temples in Palinor. Diolis, located at almost 2000 ft above sea level, is the capital of Palemos and is nestled in the mountain valleys in the lap of nature. The Signum Sorata is a collection of six lakes located in close proximity to each other and is considered a pilgrimage to be taken. Palemos has the largest percentage of mines and quarries in the country.

2. Lorosdale
Lorosdale is the province located to the right of Palemos and maintains a similar climate although it lacks mountains and is made up mainly of hills. Lorosdale is often considered to have one of the most scenic landscapes in all of Palinor with its picturesque rolling hills. Despite all of this scenic beauty however, Lorosdale is one of the poorest states in the union due to its tyrannical and corrupt goverment. The province is also home to the Thieves, a faction hidden deep within the forest and follows the idealogy of equality of wealth. They steal from the rich and wealthy and give to the poor. The capital of Lorosdale is Voncirella, a seedy city with small closely knit houses with long winding alleys making it a labyrinth to get out of. Legend says that Magic was first discovered in a cave hidden somewhere in Lorosdale, but it has yet to be found despite extensive research by the Mages.

3. Darthon
One of the most unique landscapes in the game, Darthon continues to be mountainous as it remains on the north-east side of the country. It has fascinating red mountains, a geographical marvel caused by the red soil which covers the rocks. There is little to no information about the Dark Forest which is located on the eastern side of Darthon. It remains a mysterious place with rumors of people going missing all around Palinor. Darthon's capital is the city of Zaramoth- one of the oldest locations in the game. The Darthon governance is often isolated from the Centre and the people are disgruntled after years of negligence.

4. Morothean
Morothean is the richest province in the game due to its vast mines of precious metals as well as ores. Its land is entirely dry with a lone river flowing through the western region. Morothean is almost completely desert with entirely unique flora and fauna from other provinces. The western side of Morothean is the beginning of the Nevalys Canyon which is a beautiful place to visit. Albeit beautiful, the canyon is dangerous with steep cliffs and gorges leading to the death of many a shepherds and farmers. Azure is the capital of Morothean and has a particularly distinctive feature not found in any other game. The houses in Azure are entirely open from the top to allow the sparse wind to flow. the houses are distinct and colorful making the city another fascinating place to explore in Palinor.

This is Part 1 of the two part series offering a brief overview into each province!

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