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Drone Warz does more single handed than most games do with two. It's a crazy venture into the realm of motion control design, and shows off what the future of games might be like.

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The Razer Hydra motion controller is basically what everyone expected from the Wiimote. It tracks the exact position and rotation of your hand in 3D space. Game developers have access to exactly where your hands are at 60 fps, no matter how fast or slow you move. Drone Warz is built around a drone control scheme using the Razer Hydra's absolute positioning and rotation sensing. It's a lot like a joystick, but you can accelerate in any direction with a single hand. The first 10 seconds of this video demonstrate the clear logic between hand movement and flying.

Once you understand how free you are to fly, you can perform aggressive maneuvers without thinking. Many have spent years honing their gamepad and mouse skills. Players of Drone Warz are flying around like aces minutes after picking it up.

The Hydra's button work for everything else. Join the game, set your origin point, toggle weapons, guide rockets, track enemies, toggle hud or stats, zoom in and shoot with a single hand. Every other game with this functionality requires two hands, and often multiple buttons per finger. This gives you full control with a single hand, leaving your other hand free to slap people who're sniping you.

Single hand simplicity is a huge advantage: you've got an entire extra hand for additional commands. Imagine League of Legends style casting in an action game. Action and strategy combined far beyond what's possibly with ordinary peripherals - giving players far more of an ability to hone their physical skill, not just technical strategies.

Drone Warz is here to pioneer motion control's legitimate place in serious gaming. The games that steal it's ideas have potential unlike anything ever played.

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