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Exploit: Zero Day is reaping the benefits of the development and testing practices we've developed over the last year and a half.

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Since there are two of us here at Future Proof Games, we use a development strategy where when one person finishes a feature (or fixes a bug), the other person tests it before we reveal it to the world. Generally speaking, people just aren't great at testing their own stuff, and a second set of eyes is best.

We organize our work into weekly chunks -- every Monday night, we plan what each of us are doing until the next Monday night -- and we try not to change what we're working on in that week too much. This means that any feature we develop usually takes two weeks to go live: the first week is for any development, and the second week for the testing to be done. Any bug fixes that need to be done may extend that timeline.

It can be pretty hard to finish developing some cool new feature and it not get deployed to the world for a week or two after you're done. Something as substantial as the Jobs feature in Exploit: Zero Day (which was broken into smaller tasks over the course of a few weeks) then also sits for a few weeks while the other person tests it.

That said, while our alpha testers have found bugs in Exploit: Zero Day (thank you! join them at, we catch plenty with this ping-pong method that they never see, which makes it a win for us. We've been doing this from very nearly Day 1 of our development practices as a company to good effect.

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