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Cloudface + animated GIF's = Extremely Fashionable Love Experience.

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Exploding Cat-bombs | Cloudface

Hi, IndieDB!

Cloudface is a platform game we're making about a cheerful business-cloud. I'm Corey, ( @siskavard ) & I do all the artwork & animation. Craig ( @oatsbarley ) is doing the programming in Unity. Calum ( @calumbowen ) is in charge of the music, which will be in a similar style to Katamari Damacy!

If you like what you see, please follow us here as I will be updating frequently. You can also check out our devlog over at the TIGSource Forums!

We visit /r/gamedev every Screenshot Saturday, so hop on over and chat with us!

Thanks and remember, Cloudface is 100% Guaranteed Game!

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