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Expansion Pack for The Power of San Andreas has been Confermed, see below.

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Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary United Nations Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files.
Current Battlefield News and Bulletins:
Welcome back general. We have confermed that the Threat Levels haven't been increasing, but the war is going to get rough for us, we have word from the US that San Andreas is dropping out by 2030 allowing the US Army to retake its place in the war. The Soviet Militia is beginning to fall back into Russia by orders from Premier Alexander Romanov due to heavy loss in soldiers, vehicles and aircraft. The Soviet Militia has Agreed with China to merge into a larger army, sharing the technology that The Russians has developed. North Korea is now in peace with South Korea, after a long hunt for the leader incharge of the North Koreans during the fight with the GLA.

Other New and Bulletins:
2 Other Armies have been identified over the past 3 months. Japan is preparing its forces to retaliate against the GLA for attacks against the world, alliences with The Freedom Corps or the GLA hasen't been identified yet. Venezuela was Opressed by the corruption of China's Military Operations before The Soviet Militia Merged with the Chinese when the war was going break loose, The President of Venezuela has sent his war machine into combat.

True Blue Force and Planet Raiders has been scrapped due to lack of time unfortunately.

The Power Of San Andreas has started planning an expansion for the future, the development is beginning after the release of The Power Of San Andreas mod itself, the USA Is retaking position in the mod, GLA and Chaos Faction is merged, Soviet Militia and China have merged, North Korea and South Korea has reunited and now known as The Korean Allience, 2 new Factions: Japanese Empire and The Venezuelian Army.

Production Starts: After The Power Of San Andreas is released.
Release Date: To be Confermed.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates.

End Transmission.
Battlecontrol Terminated
Signing Off.


where can i dowload the Expansion Pack for The Power of San Andreas

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