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In this update Tom shows us a video of Alkahest in its current state, and updates us on the direction this game is going in.

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Expanding your shop:

As you can see, now when you chose to upgrade your shop you can choose what you want the room to be used as. This comes in handy when either you need more potion output or just some more storage.
Soon you'll be able to upgrade to many different shops and hire people to work in your old shops, thus increasing the amount of money management you will have to do (you have to pay the staff and pay the taxes on all the sales they make that day).


Last time I mentioned auto-crafting it hadn't even been started, but now it's almost finished! You can only use an auto-crafting table to craft potions you have previously made. This means, once you convert a table to auto-crafting, you can no longer use it to make new potions.
Auto-crafting tables will pump out potions until they run out of the right ingredients, so you'll always have to make sure that they are stocked up if you really want to maximise potion production.



Thats pretty cool if you ask me!

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GoodEnoughGames Author

Thanks :D


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