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News about thew mod change and the stuff we are working on. Also what is new?

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Hello everybody!

As you have noticed we have changed the name of the mod, because we are expanding the mod to a full pacific theatre campaign! That's right, not only a Guadalcanal campaign! Instead more campaigns.

You also probably noticed the new layout! Thanks to Schachmatt[NL] again :)
Looks really good in my opinion but wait until you see what he has done with the new menu and new skins! I am really proud to have him in our team.

The mod is still focused on single player and COOP. Also we have 2 maps complete and 1 mission is done! If you would like to make a map for us, try contact us. Right now I am creating the Guadalcanal campaign which
Schachmatt[NL] is helping me. The main idea is to make campaigns of the most famous pacific operations. We also have plans for Tarawa which will probably be our next focus.

Thank you for reading this and keep an eye on this mod!

- DutchLaurens

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