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Thanks God, that I finished "Exodus" novella. Its the most big my work in my stories list.

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Thanks God, that I finished "Exodus" novella. Its the most big my work in my stories list.

If you don`t forget, the plot is here


Unknown alien battleship came to the skies of planet Kraskowo. It just hovered over the sky of capital city and does not give any signals. President Stavrogin decided to send there group of special forces with commander Ernull. They are trying to explore all this unknown ship and soon they discovered strange alien female with godlike beauty. She is naked, exhausted and lost her memory. But what is the reason of this ship appearance and who is this mysterious female? Commander Ernull is trying find answers to all these questions. Maybe, this female is not too weak and beautiful, and giant ship is the most big danger for all planet."

If you are interesting in it, I can send you English version.

Write me e-mail and I`ll send it to you.

But please don`t send this story to others or publish it anywhere, because I have big plans about it. I mean, I want to send it also to publisher official companies or scenario companies.

Thanks to all

Yours Alex


The plot sounds intriguing.
And there is an air of mystery as well :)
Have you worked on the suspense of the plot Alex?
With such an ominous background, the reader expects a suspenseful unfolding!

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BagaturKhan Author

Yeah, I worked a lot with it! Even a month!

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