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The new horror is being developed! - Were currently searching for skilled peaple to help us creating the horror game "EXILE"

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We are a team on 3 who are searching for members to join our project about the horror game "EXILE"

EXILE is all about you are stranded on an island, your boat is broken and you don't have anything but a flashlight. You have to discover the island, and as you find a big house, you will have to enter it, to find the resources to repair your boat.
- Exile means "To be away from home."

Were developing the game with the "Unity Engine" (Unity3D).
The software we currently use is:

Unity3D: Creating the game itself and publishing
Photoshop: Texturing
Autodesk 3DS Max: Modelling
Blender: Modelling
Monodevelop: Scripting/Coding (Javascript)

Were searching for help to (Skilled peaple only!):

Scripting (Javascript)
Modelling (Any program that can export to .FBX)
Texturing (Any program with save as .png or .jpg)

So if you wanna help with the project, then write an comment/reply to this post!

- Elexinius > NEWCORE Studios

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