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Exe.cs first public release. Making it super hot! Yeah!

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Started working on Super Hot inspired game 12.2.2017 for Mobile VR. Found out about the Super Hot competition week later. Now with some effort managed to produces something of a game.

As a person who's skills set is purely in programming, I had hard time with making the 3D models. Eventually I decided to go with simple shape, subdivide it bunch of times, sculpt it a little and then decimate the shape into such a low poly model that it becomes "stylish". I had to keep to low poly models as the Mobile VR was my target platform.

With the time constraints I didn't have time to finish up my modular weapons so I quickly cooked up few interesting weapons to play around with. Will be adding the modular system in coming weeks.

Enemy AI is dumb... I had it be smarter but noticed performance issue on my Nexus 5 so I reduced the update rate quite a lot for AI. Haven't implemented proper line of sight but with such abstract opponents you don't really see where the creature is facing.

There are few known bugs:

  • firing gun inside a tree shoots through. (enemies exploit this sometimes)
  • walking over a dropped weapon may trigger "stagger" on player. (effect when enemy gets hit by thrown weapon)
  • being too close to enemy is awkward...
  • "decals" are work in progress. don't worry about it. :3

Builds for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android(Cardboard) have been released.
Mac and Linux builds are untested. Android build has been tested on Nexus 5.

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