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Three months of hard work finally gets to some playable mod.

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Hi all;
I've recently added some screens of third level, which is a half mental realm. Actually, I was about to finish the exclusive demo and send some people, however voice actings were a bit late and because I already started to work on level 3, I decided to put it in.

Remember that, there will be no public demo.

The aim of the exclusive demo is to make sure that I'm on the right way. If I'm not, then to have some valuable advise. The people I'll be sending the exclusive demo are mostly game developers and reviewers. So, that'll be a hard test for me.

Why there won't be a public demo?

Because this is a story oriented mod, and if you are to start the first levels (first three in the demo), you should be able to make the decision to advance further or not. That's the point of the mod, to see if this kind of story-telling can immerse you. In the demo, you don't have any choice, and even if it were able to immerse you, you cannot advance further, and in the full release, it will be boring to see & play everything over. Thus, killing the immersion that I'm willing to create.

I hope you will understand what I'm trying to do. I'm not making an advertisement to make you feel second class. Just remember, the actual players, you, are the main goal of this mod; and this exclusive demo will be reviewed for a better final product, which will be for you again.

Until next update, enjoy the short video of the third level.


I highly recommend you post a thread on the FrictionalGames forum to help gain some exposure, advice, and all around some players who do not know of ModDB.

I hope the critique you get from the exclusive demo players is good! I am definitely looking forward to the first public release, and will do a playthrough video as I just like doing that sort of thing. Good luck!

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Tanshaydar Author

Thanks! And thanks again for the recommendation, but I'd rather open the thread after finishing the mod. That section is full of WIP titles.

Last moment adjustments on demo, one of the puzzles doesn't work if you pick the key after certain events, working on it :P

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