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Basically, I'm just talking about some things like what is going to be implemented in the future for updates and some errors.

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What is planned for Excussus?

Currently, since its only in alpha, the flashlight doesn't do much but I plan to put some more cool features in as the game progresses. Currently, there is a timer that makes it so the flashlight flickers and you can press F to shake it and fix it. I plan to put in something to shut the light off and also batteries and possibly more things.

Now that I'm done talking about a flashlight onto the next part of future updates. I plan to put in an hiding features kinda like outlast. Next is moving objects, now I know its kinda self-explanatory but let me continue.What I mean is hiding under objects repeatedly will get notice so you can move them to different locations to change it up a bit.

Bugs and Errors:
-Flickering GUI
-Flashlight glitches through walls
-Script errors
-Moving(kinda glitches)
-Camera clips into the walls exposing the outside of the walls
-Textures stretch

I will fix all these errors or just the HIGH priority errors since those can effect the game more than other errors like flashlight going into the wall,or the camera clips(you can move away from the wall though.)

And remember I'm always open to ideas and feedback!

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