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In this video we will show you new gameplay and camera features.

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Nucleotide game development diary series covers the development progress of the eponymous game in a form of video blog. This is our latest video:

Greetings boys and girls and welcome to the 21st dev diary. In this video we will show you new gameplay and camera features.

Let's begin with gameplay. We've noticed in the comments section that you're mostly asking about how the game itself will be played and what levels will look like, so we've prepared a simple level to show you some basic elements of play.

This level is a basic example with only few simple elements that we've implemented so far, you can expect much more complexity in the future once we get more things implemented. As you can see, the objective of this simple level is to disable death traps in order to progress through the level. Gorf is doing that by catching Aquagallus and using it as a projectile to hit the targets, once all the targets related to the death trap are destroyed, the death trap itself is disabled and Gorf can freely move forward.

Aquagallus is a small chicken-like creature that dwells in the water which will try to flee if you come too close to it. Gorf can catch one of them with his tongue then move around holding it in his mouth. When Gorf has caught one he can then throw it in any direction he's facing, we haven't yet implemented throwing animation yet.

If you've watched our previous videos you've noticed that this level is much less linear, that's thanks to our new camera system which follows Gorf in every direction and still provides the best view for each and every situation. The idea behind this is to have a camera that assists the player.

Thank you for watching, liking and commenting on this video, and if you haven't subscribed yet, please do it now.

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