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I've recently released a demo of my Metroid-inspired platformer/shooter Ex Vitro. It represents about 10-15% of the final game, and is a work in progress. However, I feel that it is in a state where feedback could be very helpful, and I would really appreciate any questions or input about it. Thanks!

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This game is heavily inspired by the Metroid series. You are isolated on an alien world, and you must descend into the depths to find your way home. You collect weapons and items, fight bosses, and uncover secrets hidden within the planet.

Here are some screenshots illustrating the various environments you will face:

Ex Vitro Screens Ex Vitro Screens
Ex Vitro Screens Screenshot 4

And here is some early gameplay:

The demo (representing 10-15% of final game) includes:

- 30-45 min of gameplay time, depending on exploration
- 4 unique zones to traverse, full of enemies and creatures
- 7 music/ambient tracks
- About 150 sound effects
- 2 challenging boss fights
- 3 types of beams
- Optional story files that add to the atmosphere
- Fully functional map system
- Save and Load system

All feedback and bug reports are welcome. Thanks for playing!

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