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I glad to announce that I have put my game on IndieDB, and that updates to the game will be posted on and on! Stay tuned for more info!

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Since I am putting Elite Warfighters on IndieDB I would like to answer a few questions you all want answered.
1. Where is Alpha 0.4 and is this game gonna continue being worked on?
A. Alpha 0.4 is being worked on and soon after 0.6 it will jump straight to Beta. Also, the game will still be worked on. It's just I have been busy lately with working on other projects.
2. When will we see screenshots of Alpha 0.4?
A. I released a screenshot of the First person POV on the images page. Also, more screenshots will be shown as the game progresses.
3. How much will the game cost?
A. I have decided that the game will cost $20.00.
4. Will dlc cost money like other games?
A. At the moment, I have no plans for dlc, and if I ever do, I will try to release the dlc free. I don't plan on releasing dlc (other than seasonal dlc) and will try to fit all of my ideas into the game before release so you all get your money's worth. :)
5. Will there be multiplayer in 0.4?
A. I don't want to get your hopes up, but multiplayer might be in the game, although the most players it can hold is 20 players.
That's all of the questions I want to cover for now, but more questions will be covered as the game progresses in development.

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