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Here is the template we will use to make the storyline.

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It's the year 2021, the ice and snow on Antarctica is nearly gone.
The nations of the world argue over who gets the resources that Antarctica holds.
The resources on the planet are nearly gone so whoever controls Antarctica controls most of the economy of the world.
Fore this reason the Communist Alliance launches a campaign to occupy Antarctica.
after diplomacy fails the UN-Army is sent to west Antarctica witch the CA haven't taken by force yet.
the CA, not willing to fight an all-out war With the UN, is stopped in it's tracks while the diplomatic crisis continues.
The UN becomes more and more hostile to the CA as they mine and plunder as much of the resources of the land they occupy.
In 2022 The strip mining of CA occupied land continues increasing the CA hold on the global economy.
As a result the UN invokes a trade embargo on all countries in the CA.
Many countries are in a twist, the CA has the much needed supplies and resources,
But if they trade with the CA the UN will not look upon it kindly
and they may not be able to count on the UN if a stronger country decides to expand it's borders.
soon the first independent countries chose there side in the growing conflict.
In 2023 the CA and the UN are on the brink of war, there have been several armed conflicts
along the border of CA en UN occupied land in Antarctica. Meanwhile one of the remote mining installations
from the CA stumble upon an old resurge lab build by the nazi's during WW2.
It appears to have swallowed by snow and ice somewhere before the fall of the third reig.
The nazi installation appears to have been used to run experiments on humans,
to what goal and why this was done in Antarctica unlike other human experiments from the nazi's done in Europe.
The UN discovers the find of the CA and fears what the CA will do with the creations of the nazi's.
The UN launches a large attack on the installation which has become hotspot of CA military presence.
when the UN finally fights its way into the facility all contact is suddenly lost with all forces at the facility.
The UN and CA are both puzzled by the sudden loss of contact with there forces.
Soon the CA starts to lose contact with bases in a radius around the facility one by one.
Whatever caused the loss of contact with the forces at the facility is spreading in all directions.
By the time the spreading stops the area effected is 300 miles in diameter.

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