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Thoughts about the current state of platformers and what they need to do to maintain relevancy and replayability.

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Just got in contact with my composer, and he'll be supplying some fresh beats for my game very soon. I'm thoroughly excited, to say the least, to actually have music over my gameplay!
One of the thoughts I think I'd share with you is one of the things any platformer should have especially in today's market:
Evolving Levels.
What does this mean? Well, in platformers, especially after they ship, they often are shipped with a specific level pattern and level types. In today's world, however, with DLC and updates, I think platformers can be expanded and improved upon well beyond the original shipdate. One of the features of my game will including these evolving levels.
Some time after the release of the first world, I'm going to continue updating it with more routes, paths, powers, and secrets, so each time the game updates, you'll find more hidden things emerge as you progress through the world. It changes, evolves. The game won't be the same as it was when it was released, but it'll be richer, more fully realized.
This creates sort of anticipation toward the game in general. You can tease updates to the game before they happen, or make stealth updates that your fanbase would love to explore and find out what's going on.
Today I'm working on fully hooking up the controls and the big push towards making powers actually working, then it's entirely level design from there.

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