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Infomation on a Sequal to Evolution I: The Galactic War. Also including descriptions for both Mods. Enjoy reading it

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After thinking about it I plan to actualy Make an Evolution II, even if Evolution I isnt very "popular". However I will post both Descriptions and I would like it if you guys will comment on them:

Evolution I: The Galactic War
It is year 2230. You are Alpha 1 onboard the first Human Destroyer the UNED Earth during a War with a powerful Alien Empire known as the Khepri Empire lead by King Kuhmi The Forth. You will beable to witness special battles that taken place in Human History like the Battle for Deneb and the Battle for the Cygnis. The Campagin Ends in 2231.

Evolution I isnt focused around a specific Character like Blue Planet or DoS. However Evolution I is basicly about you and only you serving the United Nations of Earth Navy.

"Around 02:30 this morning, The UNEC Berlin was destroyed by an unknown Alien force known as the Khepri Empire. This has sparked up what the Goverment is calling the UNE/Khepri War. At this moment, we are and will remain to be: At War" -Denebian Chairman John Vic-Iander Jr. at The Assembly Navy Defence Meeting of 2230.
Evolution I: Operation Revelation:
The UNED Earth, UNED Jupiter, UNED Venus and UNED Neptune lead an Assault on a heavily fortified Khepri System deep within Khepri Imperal Territory. This is a 3 Mission Expansion with 1 Possible BoES Mission.

Evolution II: The Rise of Eva
In the Year 2270 the UNE declare a Tempeary Ceace Fire with the Khepri and Amun Imperal Clans. After 3 Years of Debating and Waiting the Ceace Fire was accepted and putting the Galactic War on hold. The UNE Reformed the Goverment putting The Assembly as the primary Political Leader ship. The Assembly reformed itself as the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation is a Fractional Union. The Main Fractions are:
The Earth Federation of Sol, Polaris, Cygnus and the Eva Nebula
The Deneb Republic of Deneb, Vega and Capella
The Sirius Union of Sirius and Sirius II
The Cygni Federation of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Cygni.
The Earth Federation soon fell into Civil War when the Cygni Federation rebelled againts The Assmebly. Forcing Each of the Fractions to choose Sides. However only the Sirius Union Defected to the Cygni Federation's Side. The Rest stayed with the Earth Federation. You are Rookie, Jack Arizona Jr. onboard of the EFD Orion. During the Final Events of the Civil War. However this Civil War wont be the only bloodshed you will see, Expet to see some turn of events pretty soon, and 1 event that will change the course of Human History: Forever.

However Evolution II or Evolution I: Operation Revelation wont be started on intill Evolution I: The Galactic War is finished and is ready for Download on Moddb. Evolution I is almost done so I hope you can wait a little longer :). Elite222 is out: PEACE!


Please please please get someone to proofread your mod before you release it.

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Elite222 Author

I plan to get someone to do that now stop complaining

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