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Improvements to jump point navigation and mission specs for contracts are some of the improvements in this latest update.

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Evochron Legends 1.208 Evochron Legends 1.208

Download the update from MODDB here:

The update can also be downloaded from the game's website here:

The installer provides the entire game and also works as a patch to update older versions. This update adds the following:

- Reliability of 'intel' for missions and contracts involving capital ships increased.
- Sector coordinates now auto-lock along with local coordinates when accepting contracts.
- Cockpit gauge textures can now update with each change in ship class for custom cockpits.
- Control system updated for more variation with the Medium and Low sensitivity settings.
- Blackhole effect calibrated for accuracy with a wider range of framerates.
- Rate of fuel loss during ship-to-ship transfer in multiplayer set to zero.
- MDTS firing mode now retains its setting through various view modes.
- All sound channels now properly update for volume changes in-game.

The updated server program is also available at the game's website here:


man i had this game but lost my license after reformatting. damn DRM D:

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Don't know if this'll help, but...
FAQ says:
What if I lose my registration information, can I still get the key to the game I paid for?
Yes. The online renewal/key request form and e-mail options only require you to enter your name and e-mail address (any additional information just makes the process faster, but isn't required). The renewal/key request options are free and details are provided with your order confirmation e-mail.

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If you need help with your serial, contact Vice on the forums. He'll help you out.

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