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Improved flight and weapon system functionality highlight the improvements in this latest update.

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The update can also be downloaded from the game's website here:

The installer provides the entire game and also works as a patch to update older versions. This update adds the following:

- Custom wing scaling now more precisely aligned in multiplayer.
- Weapon fire control disabled for mouse button when using the close button in the corner of a console.
- Cargo indicator on HUD properly updates when one cargo container is retrieved and others remain.
- Player is now notified if they lack a required mining device for a selected contract.
- RiftSpace station fees no longer applied after item retrieval from hidden system.
- Missile lock bracket now rotates when using TrackIR or cockpit view controls.
- MDTS retains its setting through initial use of fly-by and cinematic views.

The updated server program is also available at the game's website here:

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