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Hi everyone as I said before I'm sorry it has taken this long but I finally have a chance to give you get the links for you all. I know a lot of you don't want to download a mod just for the ESM file so I will have the ESM files (ONLY, If you want the full content from those mods you'll have to download them. However the ESM is all that will be needed for Halout to work.) from those mods in my next patch for Halout 3. So here's the links to those great mods that made Halout possible.

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Here's the links to the mods I used to help make Halout 3.

1. Dragon Tactical Outfit (not used in BETA, however you will still need the ESM for the Beta to work.)

2. Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack

3. Halo Mod (adds spartan armors)

4. Halo weapons
Found at

5. ODST Armor
Found at

6. The Lost Helljumpers
Found at

Once again I would like to thank the creators of those mods for letting me use their content to make Halout 3 possible. Also lets all not forget to thank Bungie and Bethesda Soft for two great games and ideas that made any of this possible.

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