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New course, tweeked physics and controls, new jumping attack.

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As I continue working on Tosh, I feel I've gotten the basic feel of the movement and physics right, however, as deep into your own work as I am you can get a bit blinkered, which is why I've released another test build for physics and movement just to get some fresh eyes on it.

The ground is still tartan

I feel I've come to a good compromise between old school Sonic physics, and modern platforming ideals.

I've yet to implement a spin-dash (or something that takes the place of it) since Tosh can reach his top speed much quicker than Sonic can (though his top running speed from a standing start is much lower than if you use physics as a boost), and I don't want my level design to be influenced by it. If it, or something like it, does get put in, it'll be after a few levels are done and much more feedback is taken.

Play the dev build here

The current build has 1 basic level, with a few obstacles. There's no health, or collectables, or level end screen, just a course to test out how the controls and physics feel and to hunt out any movement glitches.

If you decide to test it, here's what I'd like feedback on:

  • Navigating the level
    • Can you reach the end?
    • How easy did you find it to backtrack?
    • Could you reach the top path after the ramp?
  • Controls
    • General feedback on the controls, rebinding etc
    • Which control system did you use (Keyboard or Gamepad)
  • Physics
    • How satisfying or not did the physics feel
    • Did you discover any glitches?
    • Did they stop you continuing?
    • Did they let you skip parts of the level?
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