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Partake in our 1.30 launch event for fun, challenge, and a chance to work with the developers to realize one of your ideas in the FXmod.

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[!] 26 June Update: The entries have been checked! Before announcing the winners it should be noted that due to a small bug the AIs in the Shimmering Path were a lot harder than they were supposed to be. Usually the delay in the AI script (the speed at which an AI 'thinks' and builds/sends units) is 0/2/4/8 (Expert/Hard/Normal/Easy), but due to the bug this respectively was 0/0.8/1.6/2.4. So the "Easy" AIs had about 3x their intended difficulty. This bug has been fixed in the next version. With that in mind, extra kudos for every stage you managed to clear!

The first winner is derek.brook68 (Steam), who managed to reach Stage 6. Congratulations! You can add Hw_lover on Steam or email him to work out your reward. I myself also participated and managed to reach Stage 14, but the real record is held by a Chinese player who managed to reach Stage 32. Although he did not participate in the event (he has had access to private builds for some time), we still consider this to be an amazing feat.

Thanks to all who participated, and now that our top commanders have paved the way we hope to see you back on the "real" Shimmering Path in the next update!

[!] 11 June Update: We have located a bug that may cause the Star-Metal Scrolls achievement to crash and remain stuck at 0/33 even after clearing a stage. If you are affected by this bug continue reading under "Participation (Bugged Users)".

*For more info on Skirmish mode itself check out our recent newsletter*

The Shining Path is laid out before you. Pilots, Adventurers and Fleet Commanders alike flock to travel this new road throughout space. The journey will be perilous, and your abilities will be put to the test against a variety of enemies under increasingly difficult circumstances as you go. The target is set, and while many will brave the dangers one of you will reach out further and faster than the others. Celebrate the release of 1.30 by partaking in our launch event, which will happen automatically as you play and explore the new Skirmish mode!

Participation (Normal)

To participate in this event simply take a screenshot of your in-game "Star-Metal Scrolls" achievement (either with the in-game screenshot function, or through a 3rd party app like Fraps), and send it to us via either of the channels listed below.

The "Star-metal Scrolls" achievement tracks your progress in the Shimmering Path campaign, and is located under the "Achievements" tab in-game. It can also be accessed from the main menu, but your event submission should be a screenshot of the in-game version.

The in-game Star-Metal Scrolls achievement.

You can either upload your screenshot to a site like Imgur, or attach it to your message (if you choose to mail).

[!] Please note that the screenshot that is submitted will be your one and final entry. It cannot be changed after submission. We suggest taking and sending a screenshot a day before the deadline, or on the same day. You can submit your entry screenshot (or the link to it) through the following channels:

  • ModDB: Sending me a private message, including a link to your entry screenshot.
  • Steam: Sending a message to Hw_Lover ( or me ( with the link to your entry screenshot.
  • Email: Send an email to: You can attach your image or write the link to it, but please include that the mail is about the FX v1.30 event in the title.

Participation (Bugged Users)

Notice: On 11 June we've found some bugs that may cause achievement system to crash while playing.

If you get the problem that your Star-metal scroll achievement progress is stuck or reset to 0/33 after successfully completing a stage(s), you can do the following to still participate in the event:

  • Make a .zip of your game profile (location: Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles) and email it to either or
  • As before, please remember that your one entry is final, and that it should be in before the deadline posted below.

Event Deadline:

Sunday 24 June - 11:59 PM (GMT+0)

Click here to see what time this is for you ("Converted Time").

Ensure that your entry screenshot (or game profile for bugged users) is in by that time.


The winning entry is that of the person who has gotten the furthest in the mode. In case of a tie the person who sent his entry first will be the winner.

We have included a precaution to prevent cheating. If we still have reason to doubt the legitimacy of your entry (e.g. an edited screenshot) we may ask you to provide an additional file from your Homeworld Remastered folder that will clarify things.

Before you depart on your journey: The challenges in Skirmish mode are plenty, and no one has unlimited time to play. Everyone can participate and has a chance at winning - I don't think the bar for having a shot at the 1st position will be set too unreasonably high. So by all means, feel free to participate and spread the word. Competition is one of the nicer aspects about the game.

The winner will be contacted via the same channel his entry was submitted through.


As mentioned elsewhere, the winning entry will get the chance to work work together with the developers to realize one of their ideas (or wishes) in the FXmod.

*= Please note that the possibilities and finalization of your reward depend on a variety of matters. Rewards that ask for things beyond source code limitations are not possible. The same applies for heavy scripting (e.g. asking us to create something like a custom blackhole function that periodically eats nearby ships) or things that heavily deviate from the intended course we have in mind for the mod.

I have given a number of possibilities below. Something that is not listed below might or might not be possible. In all cases, the shape your wish can take will become apparent as you talk and discuss your wish with the developers.

POSSIBLE (Examples):

  1. Gameplay Map: The winner gets to work together with the devs to realize his idea for a new gameplay map, which is then added to the mod for use in Player vs. CPU/Multiplayer.
  2. Guest Appearance: The winner can get a guest appearance in the FXmod (e.g. a unit with his name+custom dialogue lines) in a mode like Legendary Fleet, an AI character in Shining Path, an unit in RPG mode (far future), or in a mini-campaign.
  3. Easter Egg: The winner can pick an existing unit/model from another mod to be added to the FXmod, which may then appear in a mode like RPG Mode. Example: Enterprise-E's Vanaar-Jet.
    - The winner must get permission from that unit/model creator's, and procure proof of this.
    - The unit/model of choice must fit the HW Universe (so no Star Wars/Halo etc ships).
  4. Achievements (maybe): The winner gets to work with the developers to create and add a number of achievements to add to the mod.
  5. Others: Got an idea for something else? You will get to discuss your wishes with the developers. Together you will work out what is possible, and what form your idea would take.

The best of luck, and if there are any questions do not hesitate to ask below. We are looking forward to traveling space with you!

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