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A list of more content to be included in the next mod release.

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Hey everyone, for the next release there will be even more things to look for. Such as new heroes, factions, units, etc..
The new factions, along with the Rakatan Remnant and Dread Imperium, will be Directive 7; a droid revolution that is bent on the destruction of organic life. Another new faction will be the New Empire, led by Darth Malgus and bolstered by Adegan Stealth Ships.

Here is a finalized list of Heroes to be featured in the mod.
Sith:Sith Emperor Darth MarrDarth Malgus (The Valor)Darth Tormen (The Tyrant) Cipher 9 Empire's Fury (Squadron) Doombringer Ilyan Regus Tears of Taris
Republic:Satele Shan Lord Scourge Hero of Tython Jace Malcolm Havoc Squad Coruscant Aegis Squadron Valiant Supreme Chancellor Saresh (The Founder) T7-01 The Telos (Master Oteg)
Mandalorians:Mandalore the Vindicated (Spirit of Vengeance) Qyzen Fess The Mandalorian (The Bounty Hunter) Nem'ro the HuttVorten Fett

There will also be new units for the main factions, such as the Mandalorian Tank for the Mandalorians. Wookie hunting parties for the Republic and more. And I still am in need of a modeler, or source for models for ground units of the TOR era, so if anyone can help, please say something and pm me.


It looks really nice. Do you have voices/pictures/models for the heroes above made or using stock stuff like emperor voice for the sith emperor etc?
I like your three factions alot, its maybe the best three factions if you want three totally different empires battling it out and also beeing canon, or very close to canon.

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codeman99 Author

Most of these won't be in v0.8, i'm using the stock voices for now, although I have put in models for a few heroes, nowhere near complete though. And i'm currently working on icons for those that aren't available online.

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Okay, i guess its alot of work for 1 guy hehe. Still, very nice to see it coming along. :)

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I would lend a hand but i dont have any essential modding skills beyond a basic understanding of how stuff work. :)

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