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Eve of Destruction Classic 2.10 New version released !

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Eve of Destruction 2.10 was released for Battlefield 1942. We have added a lot of new features, fixed some bugs and improved the AI again.

Scene from Creek Valley

And there are some brandnew maps:

- Creek Valley
- Dragons Jaw
- Lost Patrol
- Lost Village
- Quang Tri City
- Search and destroy
- Valley Assault
- Xa Loi Pagoda
- Hat Dich (Salerno, BF1942 conversion)
- Ho Sanh (Husky, BF1942 conversion)
- Operation Bribie (Anzio, BF1942 conversion)

Scene from Xa Loi Pagoda

and overworked maps:

- A Shau
- Closefire Night
- Hamburger_Hill
- Jocoseness
- Mekong Delta
- Papa_Oscar_Whiskey

Scene from A Shau Valley

Agent Orange was added as a new effect (no weapon !) to one of the Huey helicopters and to C-130 plane. See it in map Agent Orange or Rolling Thunder.

Scene from Search & Destroy

Finally some gameplay features are new, for example new radio commands (helicopter spotted, mines spotted) and less damage to the soldiers while running down a hill.

Scene from helicopter valley

To patch EoD from 2.0 to 2.10 you just need the installer files #1-3. For full installation download all 5 files.

Scene from Ambush

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