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This Christmas we have both another video and our new MASS.

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Merry Christmas! Well, at least, it is for the WEA comrade! Recent intelligence videos suggest that the WEA have been hiding their ace up their sleeve for quite some time. Having undergone severe modifications since the last time it was seen on the battlefield, the WEA have revealed their most potent weapon, the MASS.

The Massive Aerial Strike System, or MASS for some peace of mind amongst the troops (lest they find out what it is actually called), is a foe not to be feared should you ever come into contact with it, the main reason being that you will likely already be dead. Floating using a unique propulsion system, the MASS emits massive electrical surges from the electrostatic pads on its chassis, polarising the air around it which in turn repels the massive discs, keeping the entire thing airborne. While the static charges from the MASS hit the ground in a light display that is second to none, you should be focused far more on the puny-looking gun at the front of the craft. From the few scarce bits of footage that we have seen and collated for you, and from survivors' stories, we are aware that this floating hulk of metal would be better known as a harbinger of death. Do not be fooled by the pathetic looking bomblets that it is capable of firing from its even more pathetic-looking weapon - each contains a Singularity bomb, capable of ripping flesh from bone, and more importantly, boiling any metal within range. The bomblets contain canisters that take several seconds to activate, but on doing so, reach critical mass and annihilate matter on a subatomic level, resulting in cataclysmic explosions. Should you be fast enough, however, the canisters can be deactivated by sustained firepower, as one of our Scorcher pilots found to his benefit not long ago. In this case, only a small explosion occurs, as the onboard C4 ignites, destroying the canisters before the Singularity can occur.

The cowardly WEA use an airborne weapon, one that cannot be targeted by our Behemoth. But like any airborne target, our Quickfires can shred it as long as they can stay out of it's range. Anything else should just stay the hell out the way of the MASS lest the pilot has a death wish, or if you are displeased with their service. A potent weapon in the hands of the enemy, but potent does not mean unbeatable. Good luck comrade, may luck favour you should you have need of it.

Western European Alliance MASS

Features include:
*Epic air unit, capable of giving and receiving plenty of presents damage!
*Fires singularity bomblets which deal heavy damage, but can be deactivated if destroyed in time.
*Capable of designating enemy units to increase firepower of friendly units.

We also have a special treat for you folks, in the form of a wallpaper featuring all three of the epic units in the game. Who will win is anyone's guess, but it will be one hell of a fight!

Finally, it is that time of the year once again! ModDB is hosting it's annual Mod of the Year Awards, and if you think European Conflict has done enough to warrant a mention, please don't forget to vote for us

From the European Conflict Team, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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