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The first official new post of ETM! This post answers some questions asked that i felt needed addressing. It also provides some insight into what to expect from ETM.

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Well i have some good news and slightly bad but Ok news.

Bad News:

Considering school will be starting soon, I will not have time to worry about adding another faction to the first release. So for the first release of ETM (which is now estimated to be released by mid-november if everything goes well) there will be no Corellian Faction.

Good News:

The Imperial and Alliance Space units are almost finished, with just a few models requiring rigging and skin editing. The Consortium tech tree worked out marvelously and I have already begun to re-rig some of their original ships. As for the mercenaries, considering they are a huge part of this mod, they will be kept a secret until the first release.

Ground Combat

More good news is that i have already begun some work on the land part of this mod. Several units such as the T5-B, X-34 Light Combat Landspeeder, 2-M/x1 Saber-Class Repulsor Tank, Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Car and more will be implemented.

I dont have much on ground combat yet, as that is Phase 2 of this mod, but i didnt want people thinking this is just another space addon mod.

Space Combat

I dont feel like writing lengthy paragraphs on the changes already implemented so I will make lists... yea... lists are fun.

better yet... categorized lists!


- Starfighters split into several categories:
- Scout
- Interceptor
- Fighter
- Assault Fighter
- Heavy Starfighter/Light Bomber
- Bomber
Corvettes arent just starfighter killers, in fact they were some of the most widely used combat ships in the Star Wars universe, they just arent that cool.

Taking that into consideration, corvette class ships are now actually capable of ship to ship combat.


The frigates from the vanilla game have been re-rigged for more weaponry, unless the original already had enough or there wasnt enough space. So now frigates can actually stand up to something in combat.

Frigates utilized by the Empire would concentrate on multirole capabilities, or on firepower.

A great example of this is the Empire's Victory - Class Frigate (not to be confused with the Star Destroyer) The Victory is a great escort ship designed as a multi-role craft, capable of defeating incoming starfighters with rapid fire concussion missile tubes (later stolen by the Consortium) and engaging small capital ships with dual turbolaser and heavy laser cannon batteries.

The Rebel Alliance, which utilized hit and run methods until the formation of the Galactic Alliance during the waning days of the Vong War, uses more dedicated frigate designs such as the venerable Assault Cruiser Mark I, which is basically an enhanced version of the already deadly Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser. The Assault Frigate MK.I's engines and shielding received major upgrades in order keep up with the fast paced hit & run tactics of the early days of the Alliance.

The Consortium, which was founded by Tyber Zann's father sometime during the Clone Wars was an underdog until it captured a shipment of Corellian designed Action VI Transports. The popular transport design was easily retrofitted for space combat, and became a common front line starship in the underworld. The attractiveness of the aptly named Interceptor Series of frigates came from their ability to the ease of installing new powercores, which could support two turbolaser batteries and heavy laser cannon batteries. The Interceptor VI also featured captured Imperial Technology to support its powerful Full Salvo ability.


-Capital ships stats completely redone, the MC-80 Liberty Type Cruisers from the original game are no longer a match for an Imperator Class Star Destroyer. You'll have to rely on powerful starfighter attacks to take out the vulnerable shield generators before you can engage in ship-to-ship combat.

- Most Imperial Capitals carry a large complement of TIE Fighters, but not many bomber type craft, as they rely on the raw firepower of the ships themselves to combat other capital ships.

- Imperial Capitals carry several heavy laser cannon batteries to assist in the screening of enemy fighters.

Thats all i want to reveal for now. This is the first long, official news post and is definitely not the last.

again, if anyone wants to contact me, do so at:

any questions and comments can be posted in the comments section below.


this is great, i love the ideas you have so far, this seems to be the mod that will finally balance the factions properly.

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Mobius13 Author

they arent just ideas, 90% of what i posted has already been implemented.

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Well I hope you are having fun with this MOD, but dont let it get in the way of your school work, nothing is that important. But as for the MOD it looks really good. There are some really nice MODS for SW EAW FOC, but this and one other I cant wait for.

Nice work dude

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