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Its that time of the year when your presents should be trying to kill you! What thats not whats meant to happen...Then grab eternal step and come kill a evil present.

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Eternal Step update 1.12

Christmas is here in Eternal Step as the Rogue-lite game seems another update, this time adding the new boss for the holiday season.

This boss is only around until the 8th of January in which he will leave the tower for another year. Make sure you grab Eternal Step and kill him before that happens and get his rare monster card for your collection.

Check out the small tease below.

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Christmas boss is now ready to challenge!

The world of Terra may not celebrate Christmas as we do.

However the City of Omina does exchange gifts between the rich and poor alike to help struggling people make it though the winter.

They also hold a feast lasting from the 18th December to the 8th January, as ordered by the council of Nine.

The festive boss is a nod to a myth told to children who get gifts around this time.

The myth is that a monster lives inside the gifts, and if you are bad it will come out, grab you and pull you into present to be lost forever.

However if you are good then the present will show you a gift inside instead.

The council made an actual version of this for the tower.

Remember if you like lore then read the lore book every time you get a new piece of gear or fight a monster to learn more.


Thanks for your patience with the delay to game updating. Paul had to take on some other work for three weeks so was unable to fully dedicate his time to the game. We hope everyone enjoys the patch and has a good Christmas holiday. If you don't celebrate Christmas then happy usually get time off work days!

Sadly a new update to the engine has happened but that is still in beta, which shown great results for lower end PC performance, was unable to be implemented yet due to old saves not working with the newer update. Hopefully this will be fixed soon then most users should see a noticeable improvement in performance.

We have asked about a fix for this or work around yet currently nothing has come back!


  • Christmas boss added till the 8th January.


  • Thanks to new Christmas boss code, King Slime and Master Handy will spawn enemies based on your level and not floor level.

Bug fixes

  • Taking a skill from a rare would make another rare appear in the loot table, even though you didn't have one.
  • Boss 2's Add could work wrong with skills. (still able to hit the eye with the mob dead.)
  • Trapdoors before floor 30 would put you into higher enemy floors.
  • You could cancel out of trapdoor animation by letting go of a skill.
  • Handy pet now less specific with damage numbers. (no more 30.15 damage.)
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