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Exciting news has come today - we have a working Mac and Linux version of Eternal Step!!! We are just finishing off them off and making sure they work but with any luck these will be released alongside the PC version.

It's not been easy and in the end I had to freelance that aspect out as me and Paul couldn't get it to run correctly due to some file limit issue we believe.

So we need to test the Mac and Linux version a bit more to make sure they run correctly but hopefully it's all sorted.


Me and Paul have now finished Eternal Step, minus any bug fixes and testing which we are still doing. However we have hit our 100 floor limit and put in 4 bosses with some rare mobs and did what we wanted to do for release.

We hope people enjoy the game and get a blast out killing enemies and getting loot and bragging about what floor they got to.


So one of the original ideas for Eternal Step was to make it never-ending and that is true - the game doesn't end.

The way the game works is that there is content up to floor 100. You can carry on past floor 100 but no new enemies etc will appear. However, the game does scale the difficulty so it keeps getting harder and checkpoints get further and further apart.

So if you want to challenge yourself you can!


So how will updates work? Well we do plan to update and support the game post release with more content. A lot of these updates will be free and will be just me and Paul adding more and more stuff to keep testing people.

However these updates will scale along with the player.


Me and Paul add content to say cover floors 100 to 150 so we add new enemies a new boss and some new items. For someone new to the game who hasn't got to floor 100 yet this content is perfect as it's more stuff to do after floor 100.

However what about the person who's on floor 200 who carried on climbing?


This person loves the game, completed floor 100 and carried on climbing, leveling up their hero and trying to collect every card etc. They are now on floor 200 but me and Paul added stuff to floor 100 to 150 so it's not going to help them, they have already over-leveled the content and got past that floor.

But because of the way Eternal Step has been made we will add the content right away for someone who has got past the floor for the intended content. So any new enemies will just get added in wherever you have reached, so in this example they would be added after floor 200 and they will scale to your floor's difficulty, so you never feel like you missed content or that it's not challenging.

Items will just get added to Loot tables so you won't miss out on items either.

The game will also check to see if you have killed any new bosses which have been added to the game. If you haven't then that will be your next boss when you get to the boss chamber.

We have tried to do this so not matter what floor you are at any new content added will be accessible and be challenging.


So what is coming in Update 1?

The first update will be all about variety - this means lots of new enemies, new cards and new floors.

We want to flesh out the content and make even more awesome stuff for you to find in the tower.

Update 2 and onwards will be a mixed bag as we may add new weapon types or new features however update 1 will all be about expanding and adding more stuff for you to find.

Me and Paul are huge fans of Metal Gear and things like Dark Souls and we love those hidden things that aren't explained and you figure out. We want to hide things in the game, we want to make players discover things and go 'wow'! Sadly in the day and age of the internet nothing stays hidden for long however for those players that want to play and discover things then we have crafted Eternal Step for you.

There are a few things hidden in the current build that no ones figured out yet.

So Update 1 will be coming shortly after release and will be a good nice free update like most of the updates for Eternal Step. We will also soon be releasing our rules these are rules set in stone that OMWGusto will live by. This is one of the reasons Eternal Steps first update will be free.

One of the rules is that unless the update is 33 percent the size of the original game we wont charge you. We will explain how we will measure this once we release our rules. That way you as the community can see us and see the transparency that we want to show you guys.

Also we plan to do community driven updates for Eternal Step, in which we will give you three options to vote on and whichever one wins will be added to the next update allowing you guys some control over what we make next.

However as with everything else in life, this all depends on you guys and how well Eternal Step does. I have said to Paul that I will happily support Eternal Step for as long as its viable in terms of money and time.

If you guys are still playing it in 5 years and me and Paul are still kicking around and can we will still update it, unless we run out of stuff to add :)

So keep your eyes on our game and speak soon.

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