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An estimated amount of what's done for the map....

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For those of you wondering, it won't be all space battle. Eventually your going to need to get out of your ship and go through the trade federation ship so you can shut down forcefields and open up doors and all that so you can get to the power core. :)

Player Models:
---Naboo Soldier: 50%
---Naboo Pilot: 50%
---Naboo Heavy: 40%
---Naboo Swordsman: 30%
---Naboo Scout: 35%
---Battledroid: 100%
---Droid Pilot: 100%
---Commander Droid: 100%
---Heavy Droid: 100%
---Droideka: 100%

Siege Map: 45%

FFA Map: 60%

---Droid Starfighter: 80%
---Naboo Starfighter: 100%
---Naboo Bomber: 10%
---Droid Missileboat: 70%

Scripting: 15%

Texturing: 60%

Detailing: 65%

Overall: 60%

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