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Releasing new pieces of information about the ESO2 compatibility of TAA and a possibly upcoming MAC version.

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Heya folks!

the mighty polls decided! I will unlock ESO2 in the next version, so you guys can also play on the AoE3 online platform. Don't forget to put an "TAA" in your game titles!

For all the ones who lost their ESO2 account or can't connect to ESO2 for any reason: Stay tuned! You can still play via Hamachi and/or GameRanger. Also check our forum on for Hamachi networks or other instructions.

Second announcement: We will most probably also release TAA for MAC. I don't know if each PC version will have a MAC brother version though, since I can't organize them on my own as PC user. The greater versions will surely be available in MAC for sure, I will fight for that! ^^

I don't have any files to upload now, I will release and upload them as soon as I get them.

Concerning the next version: I don't know myself when it'll be there. I plan to give you "finished" Romans, that means a fix basic structure, more HC cards, more unit textures, maybe already a few unit sounds, I'll see how much my team and I are able to provide.

The Hellenes will also experience lots of structural additions, I'm currently having trouble finding an appropriate helmet for Hoplitai (anyone?). A second Hellenic AI will be added too, so you guys can play 2vs2! ^^

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