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"on a lake stood a town and they were descants of dale and one archer lived there and he was the heir of Girion"

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Hello ill tell you about the esgaroth subfractions for durins folk.

For the ruins of erebor subfraction they will have the ruins of dale and laketown as their subfractions and they are built on the outposts .Ill start with laketown.

Laketown will have the town hall as their citadel and there will be 3 building locations.Here are there buildings.
Barracks=Trains lake town soldiers and bard
Fishers House=Produces rescources and trains Percy and Hilda
Merchant Building=Produces laketown villagers and resources also you can train bain here.

Heres there fortress upgrades
Black Arrow=Builds the black arrow windlance which bard can fire and it deals pernament damage to dragons but you have to recollect it to reuse it
Laketown Guards=Two laketown soldiers now guard your buildings
Masters Call=The master and alfrid is now buildable

Heres there heroes

Toggle Weapon(level 1)
Rally the Archers=Bard summons three laktown Archers(level 3)
One last arrow=Bard can use the black arrow windlance(level 5 passive)
The slayer of the dragon=Bard deals more damge to flying units(level 7)
Any man ready to give their last=Bard summons 3 lake town arhcers and soldiers also he summons 5 laketown peaseants.

Master of Laketown
Master of laketown=Leadership bonus(level 1)
Welcome=Gives a armour Bonus(level 3)
Guard of The Master=Summons the laketown guard (level 5)


Master Chamberpot=Alfrid throw the master chamberpot stunning the selected enemy(level 1)
Masters Lieuntenant=Leadership bonus(Level 3)
Disguise=Alfid disguises as a woman and enimies cant attack him while he is in disguise(level 5)

Son of Bard=Armour bonus when near Bard(level 1 )
Retrieve the arrow=Bard automatically retrieves bards black arrow(level 3)
Keep them save=Bain summons his sisters who are weak on attack but are good support heroes (level 5)

Braveness of Women=Leadership Bonus(level 1)
Rally of old and women=Hilda summons the old and women of laketown(level 3)
To the fight=Damage bonus(level 5)


Great update :)

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