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improve loading a bit fix bugs and fix cheap shot.I have been watching people play this game. some youtubers like it some dont but this helps for the next scenario.

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okay a new version of the game just has been release today.improve
loading you wont be able to cheap shot the bosses plus some extra things
like enemies and easter eggs. this might be a bit easy than the other
version. a tip for you all when fighting the dogs you are better off
using your gun.I hope you guys and gals have fun playing this game and want to thank
the youtubers for there input and videos. in other news. I have seen the youtube videos that help me to decide on the next
scenario. the plan is to lose the dual wielding weapons take out the
flashlight. the feed back helps as well to do things different. as I
have been planing out scenario2 and building new maps i still like this
version because it was more challenging and different. pics will be
going up soon for scenario2. but the funny thing is I did not think
this game was all that scary i'm glad to see a few jumpers who thought
so. i'm glad I made this game a free open game with the change of ideas
on the different scenarios.I like to thank everyone for playing the
amount of downloads I got for this game surprise me. but because of that
it allows me to continue the next scenario.

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