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Decided to take a look, even though I don't really care about this game anymore. But I thought it'd be nice if people could actually play it. Well, I have found the error, but it's going to be AIDS to fix.

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Hello people!

So I don't really care about this game anymore, but decided to try fix the error, because it's bugging me that I spent alot of time in this mod and now people can't play it (if anyone's still interested) ._.

Sooo, I believe I have found the cause of the error. Apparently the does not even exist.

You read right. I checked the level editor to maybe find the cause of the error, opened, and hooray, the level does not even exist. What really bugs me though, is that the HPS and Map files to that level are still in the /maps folder and seem alright. But clearly the error states ''COULD NOT LOAD WORLD FILE'' so it doesn't find the level or smth.

Tried to find solutions for few hours, but no luck.

I'm wondering if I should just yolo it and make the game go from map1 -> map3 (skip the entire level), or continue trying to fix the error. Or perhaps build a new level...


I'm sorry I've not kept the mod alive and worked on the error. I will try my best to solve it, but seems pretty tough.

If anyone has idea what to do, please do inform me!

Thanks people!

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