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"The city of erigorn is fair and wonderful and the great forger descendant of feanor rules their."

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Erigorn after much thought will be a minifraction for lindon where they act as a supplier of heavy troops and bonuses.

They will have celimbror as a hero who starts in forger robes and with a forging hammer and here is his skillset
Toggle= switches between his melee weapon and hammer(Level 1)
Forger=Forges a gift which can be given to a hero for bonus armour(level 3)
King of Erigorn=Celimbror gains his crown,armour and his hammer is replaced with a royal sword(level 5)
Defense of Erigorn=Celimbror summons 3 noldor archers and 3 khazad dum guardians
Elven forger of the great rings=Celimbror forges a ring of power and when given to a hero it has three effects.(level 10)
1.levels to level 10
2. 50 % more damage and armour
3.Fear to all enemies
When he dies he becomes in his wraith form and he is invincible.Heres his skillset as a wraith.
The Mortal World=Celimbror toggles his weaponand his sword variation is talion with his own skillset(level 1)
Fear of The Wraith=Cleimbror now gives fear to all units except to heroes (level 3)
Dominate=The Selected units are pernamently converted to your side but with hordes you cant control them unless they have a banner carrier and their selected(level 5)
Interogate=Once you have used this power the enemy buildings can temporarily been seen(level 7)
It is time for a new ring =Celimbror forges a new ring and he can give it to your ring hero.(level 10)
Heres talions skillset
The Wraith World=Talion toggles his weapon and he becomes celimbror(level 1)

Hatred of Sauron=All evil units now take more damage to talion(level 3 passive this does not affect angbad except for tol in gauroth)

Dead Rangers=Talion temporarily summons his son and his rangers from the dead(level 5) Gondorian Men units get a leadership bonus(level 7 passive) I cant hold him any l and Celimbror are pernamently seperated but celimbror gets 1000 more damage but talion goes in a defense stance.(level 10)

Erigorns will be displayed as an grand castle which is similar to the old elven fortress.

Here they can train erigorn sentries,erigorn pikeman and erigorn archers.

Also you need erigorn to unlock imladris since it was found out of the sacking of erigorn


Finally a mod will implement Talion and Celebrimbor! I look forward to the next update :)

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