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richter_h's here. It's the third years of development, and the progress is still at Act 1. Even though the progress is really slow, the game received several updates and soon the demo will be released. Some info shown in this article is identical to the blog entry in the Eremidia: Dungeon! page.

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richter_h's here,

It's the third years of development, and the progress is still at Act 1. Well, the contents for Act 2 is 50% ready and I still have IRL stuffs to be done.

Anyway, I've planned to release a demo with limited amount of rosters, but not in near future. The demo is intended to test the new features as well with the improvement of existing features, and to introduce the characters that included in the Starter 12 further.

qqkgvJw.png Hh03Qlq.png Vg5w7gZ.png vRsWPgQ.png KEWcrCO.png oVuVqaS.png ADL1YAB.png e5NIx0W.png hjjlZIH.png FtpPjAd.png gfN6MiV.png vu2YfhR.png

For those already played the game, maybe you still remember about some of the characters. However, let me reintroduce the characters who can be summoned by the Art of Epoch Reciting:

  • qqkgvJw.png Marvel Junior, summoned from Marvelous Odyssey vol.1, is a self-reliant fighter who make use of simple swordplay to overcome his enemies. He has Play Dead ability which makes him able to evade incoming attacks automatically.
  • Hh03Qlq.png Lyka Bosch, summoned from Cruna Aktrid vol.1, packs quite a punch for a kid of his age. He is able to drag enemies into positions of his liking and deals variable damage with his ingenious invention: Form Mattock
  • Vg5w7gZ.png Dorothy Gale, summoned from Westerland Story vol.2, is a bright opportunist and has keen sense especially when golds and treasures are nearby. Known well for her ability to use array of ranged weapons and find extra gold drops in each combat.
  • vRsWPgQ.png Nella Shadowind, summoned from Alumnea Trilogy vol.1, is a formidable ally with several restorative spells on her sheath and signature Bound Weapon spell for offensive causes. Slow and disgraceful when on foot, almost unbeatable when she flaps her wings and fly.
  • KEWcrCO.png Souki Trance, summoned from The Legendary Warrior vol.2, a stubborn kid who wields a pair of blades that barely attuned. His affinity with shadow allows him to nullify incoming attacks and deal armor-piercing damage to his enemies.
  • oVuVqaS.png Razh Avandrey, summoned from Enthrean Radiance vol.1, is a soldier-of-fortune who spent his days doing chores and small quests. His presence in combat bolsters his allies' endurance.
  • ADL1YAB.png Ningrum Hapsari, summoned from Pendekar Bhumitara vol.2, is barely known in Eremidia, but honored in her homeland—Bhumitara—as one of the best archers of the far away land. She inspires the marksmen by her ways of marksmanship.
  • e5NIx0W.png Nina Winhart, summoned from Eremidia Legends vol.1, is a simple girl who turned into vampire thanks to the seductive trap that accidentally fell upon her. The contract granted her access to the destructive Thunder spells, but made her prone to Fire.
  • hjjlZIH.png Ronald Weber, summoned from Darkness of Hope vol.1, is the most capable personnel of the secretive military service. His ability revolves around his weapon, the complex mechanism of gun and sword: Gunblade.
  • FtpPjAd.png Flair Goddreary, summoned from the storybook Path of Flareia vol.1, is a boisterous and stubborn fighter who followed his dream to be the strongest fighter in the world. He is able to manipulate seven known magic elements, but ironically he's weak against magic.
  • gfN6MiV.png Ryuna Shureia, summoned from Rebirth vol.1, knows less about the world when she embarked a epic quest to find his lost family, and well known for her insatiable hunger. A versatile fighter with strong mixture of magic and raw power.
  • vu2YfhR.png Iuna Sept Leonia, summoned from the lost collection of Whities vol.1, is a cocky and spoiled princess from the long lost Knightdom. Her array of Ice spells wreak havoc in the battlefield and she's quite hotblooded despite of her affinity of the chosen element.

There are some secret characters what can be unlocked by completing certain sidequests, but I'll keep it secret for now

The enemies roster are also got some changes. I forgot to add the Wasps in previous version (FYI wasp is signature common low-level enemy in Eremidia-based projects), and I also added some new varieties of common enemies like Kobols.


Introducing the Kobol Magus, along with the Kobol Warriors.

New features added: EXP Spending system, akin to Dark Souls (as some fellas of RMID told me about that)

To level up a character, it must be done manually by accessing Character Sheet menu. This means no matter how long you grind your party in their level 1, they won't reach level 2 if you don't invest their experience into levels in this Sheet. This works for their skills as well, giving possibility to have a character with all unlocked skills except ultimate at level 1.

However, to raise the skill level of a character, it requires equal or greater character's level. You can't raise the skill level to level 2 if the character is still level 1.

Also, a brand-new Status screen layout, complete with a full body illustration. The collection of illustrations were made by Lazcht.

Along with the characters info in several places, it would be fair if enemies also got some spotlight. Introducing Eremidia Bestiarium which has function like ordinary bestiary: showing enemy's info, one at a time.

The battle interface got some improvements; more intuitive UI and the battle floor now slightly tilted, giving more depth in combat.


Targeting now helped more with on-floor target indicator—the targeted area will be marked differently on the floor, giving a hint to where the pointer is pointing at the moment. It also indicates the cast range of certain spells and when moving from one point to another point as well.




There's a development footage of the new system, although it still uses the old battle floor. Check it out here:

About the game difficulty, I don't know whether the game is too hard or too easy; it was relative and depended on the player themselves. That's why I planned to release a demo later, to make sure the game will be enjoyable and acceptable for players casual and hardcore alike.

Maybe that's all for this time's update. Next update probably will come along with the prototype. Stay tuned.

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