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A few more thoughts on equipment and how those work. What elements there are and what they affect, and finally, another video!

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Wait, what? It's been almost a month now. Everything we've been able to present during the last two months were pictures and features regarding the client. This is because we are currently implementing a php framework on the website. That takes time and a lot of work, but it'll be worth it due to security and perfomance issues. Additionally, it will make adding new features a lot easier for us. As you can imagine, we can't really present that here. So instead, have some new features for the game.

Remember the poll at the end of the alpha testing? We asked you guys on your opinions on adding items like swords or amor to the game. The vast majority of players wanted to see that in the game and so we decided to add it. This post should give you a brief overview about what we are planning to add and how it works - we'll go into more detail than we used to before.

To introduce our gear system we want to start with the elements in the game. There are seven elements in all (not counting "no element", which is also possible). Every element is strong against two others (such as water against fire), and in turn also has two weaknesses. If your attack is elementbased, those elemental modifiers are taken into account. So it's usually a good idea to throw fireballs on ice-enemies, whereas you might want to use your water sword against fire wizards.

We're not the greatest artists, but we did create images for each of the seven elements. Here you go!

Which is weak against what? Well, we have a handy little chart for that as well, but that one is, sadly, not exactly "pretty". So we'll spare you the sight.

Gear you collect - be it your armor or your sword - might have an elemental attribute. And depening on what kind of equipment it is, the effect differs. Of course, whatever element your sword has will be the element that defines your attacks.Your armor defines what elements you're weak and strong against. Stuck in a room with lots of "darkness"-type enemies? Well, darkness is weak against fire, so you may want to wear your fire armor.

Each element also has a status ailment to it. Fire attacks can set you on fire, obviously. Attacks from machines may confuse you. And ice attacks can freeze you in the spot. We're implementing those right now!In case you want to be safe from certain status ailments, you can use a helmet that has the corresponding element attached to it. So you'll freeze in place less often if you're wearing an ice-helmet, and we hear it's looking splendid on you. Really highlights your eyes.Armor, helmets and weapons are also shown ingame (at least, that's the plan right now).

All that talk and no video? That's insane!
And so we present: A video.
A brave hero, played by a very clumsy developer, tries his very best to beat a dungeon. Will he prevail? Will he fail at the last minute? Only one way to find out!

Hero Sprite by Antifarea via

Music: "Arpanauts", by Eric Skiff (
Thanks to P. Rugel for the "Bell chime" sound, found via flashkit.

Dr.Worm - - 181 comments

This is awesome, Love the music!

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olejaka - - 1 comments

Клас! Я в восторге!

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Theon - - 712 comments

Looking sweet! :D

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Halfmoon - - 113 comments

Try and make "pixelated 3D models" like Minecraft or Voxetron.

I'd suspect it would be more easier to do Minecraft's than Voxetron's.

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DavidDSOTP - - 107 comments

I absolutely love the style of this game and very anxious to see where it goes. Great job !

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Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

old school, i love it!
Keep up the great motivation!

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Goldway - - 1 comments

LOL minecraft XD

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