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The Equalizer is a multi-platform 3D musical arcade game in which you have to think and act quickly. It is developed on the Unity graphics engine. It is a mixture of music with your actions.

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Help please to get vote up for this game on Steam Greenlight.

Studio environment

The game focuses on a jumping action on platforms set in a epic lights musical world, where you are hero of the dancefloor. Jumping on platforms you adjust the music and change the musical environment. The main goal of the player is to maintain music, at each level of complexity you need to collect melodies to achieve maximum musical effect. You will be given a certain amount of time between collecting melodies, at 30.60 or 90 seconds depending on the difficulty level. If you got one melody and the second did not have time, then the environment becomes darker, the music stops and you will get the melodies again. Once you collect all the melodies, you need to go as fast as possible to the final goal to complete the level.


• Classic multi-platform 3D Arcade with unique game mechanics.
• Beautiful graphics and immersive atmosphere.
• Best unique 5 audio tracks in the: trance,house,dubstep,trap genres in the starter version.

The game made with Unity3D game engine and will release on PC, Gear VR, Android.

This game is created for players who love bright and rhythmic music in motion, because music is movement and movement is life!

Equalizer 05

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