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Episode 1 | Perisno LIVE | Mod Review(s) & Quests. Going over some Perisno mod reviews featuring one of the Perisno Devs (CWR).

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v1.3.5.1 Changelog: (Latest Hotfix)

  • [Adjusted] Re-enabled the Training Grounds
  • [Adjusted] Falcons no longer have peasant rebels
  • [Adjusted] Added a goodbye dialogue to Entertainment Guildsman
  • [Adjusted] Added an option to forfeit the "Deal with Looters" quest
  • [Adjusted] Moving the Right Control to Left Control for withdrawing and depositing aurums into your fief
  • [Adjusted] When donating to the Priests of Maccan, you lose an equal amount of relations with the opposing religion
  • [Adjusted] Lend your Companion quest has been removed until further evaluation due to companions being lost for eternity
  • [Fixed] Tamaris is no longer Katrin
  • [Fixed] Tumatarhun town scene now has a tower in its town scene, and not just the siege scene
  • [Rebalancing] Weeping Moon has reduced power throw from 8 to 4, throwing damage increased from 45p to 50p, melee damage increased from 28c to 34c
  • [Rebalancing] Axe of the Forbidden Sea has increased power throw from 5 to 6, speed increased from 88 to 94

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