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Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever Epic Pets news on IndieDB. An upcoming Pet training and collecting mobile game !

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Hi Everyone and welcome to our first news post ! First a little FAQ to get out of the way !

What is Epic Pets?
Epic Pets is an ALL 3D mobile game in development for both Phones and Tablets where you raise and train one of your 'ePets' that you select and raise. You can then enter one of the games various modes to collect, fight, meet, and shop !

Isn't this like ---mon type games ?
Unlike the other 3 games, Epic Pets will be completely in 3D and unique including a 3d battle system with vivid camera movements and animation. The focus of Epic Pets is on a single creature that you raise in it's child to adult form and form a bond with them, you may swap pets but no more then one pet can be out at a time and roaming your very own customizable house!

Can you customize your Master, Pet, House ?
Yes. Yes to all 3. You can customize the room you live in where you can watch your pet run around and interact with them to earn experience, you can also customize your masters skin color, outfits and hair , and you can also give any Epic Pet or 'ePet' a Hat or a collar ! How you interact with your pet and how your pet views you not only effects it's mood in your house , but in all other game modes, so make sure you take good care of them !

What game modes / mini games does Epic Pets have ?
When you begin the game you start off in your house and from there the menus can lead you to various game modes. One game mode that we're surely going to have is a battle mode of course VS the cpu, we're waiting to announce all modes of course to surprise all of you.

How many ePets will be available at launch ?
We are aiming for at least 30 to be available at launch, then expanding if the game if it is popular enough. All in 3d of course and fully customizable. Starting next week we'll begin showing off new ePet concepts and models to the public but not every single one, we're looking forward to people playing the game to discover all of them!

Development has already begun and we're already playingtest our battle system as well as customization system so stay tuned as we post images at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you have any questions feel free to write down below, pm or reply !

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