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AMC TC Episode 2 is undergoing beta testing and will be released hopefully within the next month!

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After nearly 4 years of waiting, the sequel to Episode one of the AMC TC is almost here!

What can you expect in Episode two of the AMC TC? Well with it so close I don't want to spoil it but I'll give you a short description of what to expect.

-over 20 new high quality maps in Episode two to fight through! From criminal elements in Hong Kong to haunted airships, from swampy jungles to extra-solar hi-tech industrial worlds, Episode 2 will take you around the world, the solar system, and the galaxy to slowly piece together the further effects of episode 1's events.

-over 20 new weapons for the members of the AMC squad; An assault-rifle that spits out more lead as it overheats, a Guandao with a devastating spin attack, and the KSG-12 shotgun featuring dual tubes which you can load different ammo types into

-new ammo types and temp weapons! Get used to old friends from Shadow Warrior, such as the missile launcher which features the familiar heat seeking and Nuclear fire mods as well as new DUP missiles for taking out those pesky power-armoured enemies. Load high powered magnum shells into your shotguns for that extra devastating blast of firepower!

-new enemies to battle! minions from the Shadow Realm rear their ugly heads here; black clad Ninjas will make your life miserable, and a new sinister faction await in the final chapters of Episode two.

-a new character in the form of EDF battle engineer Micky Crisp - hailing from the Australian branch of the EDF, Micky requests a meeting with James of the AMC squad with an interesting proposal. Will he make the cut and become a full-fledged member of the AMC squad? Only one way to find out!

This is only a small description of all the fantastic stuff we're bringing to you in Episode two. It's been a long wait, but we sincerely hope you'll find the finished product worth it.

On a final note, if you've still got your Episode one installs around than remember that you can carry your progress over to this new episode with all the research, money, and equipment you've acquired. Just copy your data folder and eduke32.cfg to the new directory for Episode 2 when the time comes to have a running start! (These instructions will be repeated at release time)

See you guys soon!


This is great news! Really, thank you very much for being dedicated to adding more to this mod!
I loved the first, it had a lovely charm to its design, especially as it was definitely a product of enjoyment and passion.
Very much looking forward to seeing what is next in store for the AMC team!

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