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EONIA continues to grow!!! New update with NPCs!!! A lots of NPCs!!! EONIA is coming to life!!!

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EONIA is growing rapidly. This new update is crucial in the history of the game, since it integrates the NPCs. Even though I had to dismiss the initial idea that the Eonios are anthropomorphic beings for various reasons, I am more than satisfied with the new direction decided, and I hope you like the new inhabitants of this wonderful world. EONIA will never feel lonely again!

The game will have +300 NPCs. Yes, +300 NPCs! Living in towns, cities and, who knows where! A whole world full of life!

Thus we will meet with the dear Master Enodio, with Lanius, the faithful friend of Albius, with the eight Master Explorers, with the unique and perfect Artist, Writer and Inventor Mivos Esterus, with the alchemist, the botanist, the zoologist, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the musicians, the poets, the sculptors, the jeweler, the farmer, the postmen, and many others who carried out dozens of activities. Also, there are those that will be essential to the story and those who will only tell us the tales, legends and stories, or simply give us a greeting. But that will not prevent them from being intriguing or interesting.

There will be dozens of merchants with whom we can buy, sell and even exchange the most varied items! Without forgetting the mysterious Nomads! That will travel the roads from site to site. And of course, the ... well, I do not want to spoil the surprise.

There is still a long way to go. But little by little EONIA is transforming into that dream that I want to come true. It is an arduous journey, yes, but also fun and very enjoyable thanks to your constant support. Thank you for joining me in this adventure. Thanks for playing EONIA.

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EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 55 33

EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 55 44

EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 56 13

EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 56 39

EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 57 19

EONIA alpha 2018 09 17 15 57 34

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