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v0.1.2 open indev release of the stable Dev version of EoE featuring the new EoELauncher updating tool.

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v0.1.2 Indev Open Release

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at the Update Notes, since this is the first public release patch notes will be kept quick and condensed. This update brings improvements to the GUI, the release of all Races, new content, items and more!


This program is now packaged with the EoELauncher that will update-check the client every time you open it keeping your game files up to date without the need for downloading a new client version! Please use EoELauncher.exe file to start up your game now instead of the EmpiresofEradon.exe file.


  • Hawthorne has been completely redesigned.
  • We are currently in the process of adding detail and cementing NPC/Shop locations.
  • The first public house in now available for Purchasing! If you can meet with the mayor you may be able to buy it.
  • Blacksmithing can now be learned at the Hawthorn Blacksmith.
  • An Arena has been added to Hawthorne, the Arena Master Byron in Hawthorne will grant you entrance.
  • 5 New quests have been added to Hawthorne.
  • A new clothing shop has been added to Hawthorne.
  • City Hall has been constructed, although nothing is in there yet.


  • Mages now have their Specilization classes available to be selected from the Mage Trainer in North Hawthorne.
    Mages can now become Elementalists, Summoners or Battlecasters.
    Please note that Summoner and Battlecaster spells are not yet available for purchase.
    All base classes are now available to be selected.
    Please note that only Mages can Specialize their classes at the moment.


Many new items have been added to the game but are not yet accessible

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple bugs regarding the UI have been fixed.
    Fixed a bug that was causing improper indexing on items in the server database.
    Fixed an isssue where the installer would default to Chinese language as first selection
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