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Some more information about the first patch for Evolution of Combat IV and finding multiplayer games!

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Thanks to everyone who joined our multiplayer sessions this weekend, we hosted multiple games on Friday and Saturday and it was great for me and Serenity to meet everyone and get to play against you! Our player count is growing daily and it's awesome to see everyone so interested in the mod, we're starting to build a really great community!

We've had a lot of people complaining that they have been unable to find a multiplayer game, so we have now set up a Discord chat that you can join to let people know when you're planning on hosting a game to try and not only get people playing, but to bring some sort of order to when there are playable servers available. To join the Discord chat, you can click this link, or click on the "CHAT" tab at the top of our website.

Also, we're still getting a lot of similar questions being asked (installer says can't write, will this work on Mac, etc), if you have a question please check the FAQ before asking - if it's a common question then we may have it answered there!

Now, on to information about patch #1...

Serenity has been hard at work on adding more content to patch #1 in the spare time he has (which is very little at the moment) and as a result there are some exciting changes coming up in the next patch. As well as the improved menus I mentioned I am working on, bug fixes and saber system updates, there will be:

  • Improved saber clash effects
  • A new radar for Jedi players in the HUD
  • A new fatigue system for gunners (heart rate is displayed in the HUD and the more you sprint, the less accurate you will be)
  • 1080p resolution support in singleplayer
  • Chat bubbles in multiplayer to show when players are typing or in the menus
  • New death effects
  • Updates to killstreaks
  • As well as many memory leaks fixed allowing for improved performance and less crashes

2016 01 17 00031

^ The new radar

2016 01 17 00044

^ The heart rate monitor

2016 01 17 00033

^ New saber clash effects

There will no doubt be more features available when the patch officially goes live, so stay tuned! We're hoping to get the patch out to you either late January or early February.

Thanks again for all the feedback and support, we'll update soon when the patch is ready. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest, and feel free to discuss everything EoC over on the forums!

Evolution of Combat IV

Evolution of Combat IV

Hels - - 84 comments

This should balance pretty much the things. Even though, I have something more to ask for. Explosives still are too op, and you can throw a lot of grenades to do a grenade rape party with your enemy. Aswell, the missile explosion radius is simply ridiculous. If you are fighting against a gunner in a small place, it just needs to throw the missile near to you, and... good bye! You are history.

So if you can reduce the explosion radius of both grenades and rocket launcher and set a maximum of grenades to 5, it would be great. Aswell, I don't know if it is caused because of bad pointing, but I can't Force Push grenades. Something like that would be great aswell.Lastly, it would be fine if you could make force push area only a litte bit big, because in order to repel a ******* op missile, you must have a lot of preccision, as if you were pointing a guy with a gun, but it's not the same. It should be easier to deflect missiles and grenades with Force Push.

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MattFiler Author
MattFiler - - 298 comments

Thanks for the feedback, I'll send it to Serenity for him to take a look at.

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Danny777 - - 75 comments

I agree with HelsĀ“ suggestions!

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Danny777 - - 75 comments

Sounds awesome, good work guys!

I have posted some balance-suggestions in your forums:

Keep up the good work! :)

Greetings, Count Danny (ingame)

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TheRusski - - 1 comments

Will there be a way to save camera angles? The ones I set are erased when the program closes.

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Carthaen - - 12 comments

Will it have some new moves? Like the Alora!s double throwing? I'm sorry if I'm so meticulous.

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RapGooD - - 7 comments

Good work!

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