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This brief article serves as a summary for who is on the Uprising team (and why). It will hopefully be updated whenever changes to the team occur.

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The Team:

Employee8 (Lead Developer):

Hey, I'm the founder as well as co-lead of Uprising. I've been mapping since early 2019 and originally started Uprising in 2020 to try out the Entropy : Zero SDK. I'm mostly a level designer on this team, but I also work on music, scripts, choreography and textures from time to time. I hope you'll enjoy our mod!

Filipad (Lead Developer):

Hi, I'm the second co-lead of Uprising. I joined Employee early in the development, back in 2020, when he shared the project's first proof of concept on the Entropy : Zero discord server which immediately caught my eye. I've been working with him on maps ever since.

Mark_Zer0 (Coder):

Hi! I'm the coder for the mod, mostly do the code stuff and subtitles related endeavors for EZ:U! I was brought to the team around 2020 when I offered myself to lend the devs a hand at voice lines and subtitles, though I've since moved onto coding to be more of a significant helping hand for the mod as well as having it be my first project actually trying to do code related things. Hope you guys enjoy the mod whenever we release it!

CW3D (Voice Actor):

Hi, I'm the voice of one of your metrocop partners in EZ:U, BEC. I was brought onto the team in 2020, able to give this metrocop personality, hoping that players will enjoy spending their time with BEC along their journey.

Spoops (Voice Actor):

Hello! My name is spoops, I was brought on a couple of months ago around the time of the april 2022 anniversary update to voice bloody cop, your new sidekick who’s as maniacal as he is hotheaded. I can’t wait to see him brought to life in the game, probably as much as he can’t wait to kick some rebel ass alongside you!

Blu_Soldier001 (Voice Actor):

I mess around in audacity and sometimes voice gas masked dudes who want people to pick up cans.

Trivvy (Voice Actor):

Hi, I don't do anything but take up room on this page. Bye.

Mazikeen (Voice Actress):

Yo, I'm Mazikeen but you can call me Maze! I voice the strong, badass but evil female traitor. A huge threat to the Combine, or am I? I was brought onto the team in December of 2022 and am flattered to be a part of this project. I loved bringing her personality to life, and I hope you enjoy being devious with her in your escapades; that is...if you trust her.

Critfish (Mapper):

Greetings. I've always had an interest in close-to-vanilla HL2 mods that keep to the style of the base game, and upon playing E:ZU's first episode, I knew that this was a project that I had faith in. I joined the team in mid-2023 as a mapper, hoping to utilise and improve my level design and artpassing skills, after having experimented with my own personal HL2 mod and a number of Portal 2 workshop maps. I'm excited to be working with HL2's assets in a serious project for the first time, and I hope to make a good impression on the mod going forward.

Clatronix (Mapper)


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