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In Project Zerstorer you're going to kill many members of the presumably opposite sex in your quest to nip chemical warfare in the bud. In Spear of Destiny, you're going to play Spear of Destiny.

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Before everything else, let me quickly announce MacenWolf 1.13. This small patch makes one of the features needed to play our first of today's mods actually work, so please update your game to get the full experience. Links to the full downloads and patches go below...

Now then. Here is a throwback to the good old times back when you didn't have to wade through eight mapsets every time a new MacenWolf post goes live. What we have here is one of our semi-regular Laz posts, this time sporting two mods: the first being one of his big scenarios (called "deluxe" on his website), the other - a port of something you're all probably intimately familiar with, but should nonetheless be interesting to experience in this different flavor. So, without further ado, let me introduce...

Project Zerstörer! Ah, yes. According to comments I've seen on ModDB, for some of you Zerstörer has already been sitting on top of your wishlist for a while. Time to bring it to the table. Ten maps for the Third Encounter and borderline-TC scope of changes, an interesting gimmicky theme and an ocean of new graphics and sounds. Heck, there's even separate sounds specifically for the final map. And lemme tell you, while on Mac you had to save your game before map 10 and paste the new sounds in ResEdit manually, MacenWolf is so AMAZING you don't actually have to do anything, it just works! Credits to John Romero who agreed to code this feature for a mere $666,666, and to Nexion for stealing his code.

Right, but what about the mod itself? The storyline's innocuous enough: there's a new kind of chemical warfare coming up, with general Verruckte planning to deploy vast amounts of poison gas via V-2 missiles, potentially obliterating Allied troops stationed around Germany. The general with his staff are hiding out in castle Hundfelsen and - here's where the gimmicky nature of the mod comes in - they're protected by an all-female SS unit called the Valkyries. So over these ten floors you'll have to eliminate hundreds of tall, slender women clad in black, plus big Helga (their leader) and her darling general himself. And rats.

The maps themselves are also gimmicky in that they really look like a castle when seen from top-down; you got towers in the four corners, long passages between them, and all. Of course the room layout is otherwise unique between the ten of them, so don't worry, it's not like you're getting the same thing times 10. If you're a fan of Laz or slaughtering women, definitely play this one.

Laz Rojas.

zerstorer 1

zerstorer 3

zerstorer 2

Project Zerstorer

And as for our port, it's... Spear of Destiny. I know, some of you probably already thought me mad for porting a port of Operation Overkill, so what on Earth am I doing porting a port of an official game? Well, I don't care what you think uh I mean think about it this way, you'll find out how Laz chose to deal with Mac features and restrictions limiting his options, what enemies are placed like, how he solved the issue of the floor 18 to Hell transition after collecting the Spear... And of course experience the game in 128x128 glory. Well, most of the time.

Nothing else to say. It's Spear, duh. 21 familiar maps for the Third Encounter, enjoy.

Laz Rojas for porting, some buncha weirdos for the original game

spear 2

spear 3

spear 1

Spear of Destiny

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