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Introducing Enhanced Enemies! These special foes are bigger, badder, and have some differing abilities from their normal counterparts!

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Progress has still been pretty slow, but here's an update on one of the major recent additions to the game!

Enhanced Enemies

These special foes are bigger, badder, and have some differing abilities from their normal counterparts!

Enhanced Mummies

While exploring the depths of the Duat, you might sometimes encounter these special enemy variations. Most easily identified by their different colour scheme, they can potentially turn an advantageous situation into a threatening one. Not only are they stronger with more health or damage, but they have their own unique abilities as well!

Enhanced Scarabs (Jeweled Scarab):

Jewelled Scarab

These deadly giant insects are not just a lot larger and tougher to kill, but they have the innate ability to summon swarms of smaller flesh eating beetles that chase the player. Though it may look beautiful, and peaceful at times, It protects its smaller counterparts when attacked, and can be even more deadly when it is supported by a swarm of normal Scarab enemies. However, due to its immense weight, it moves very slowly.

Enhanced Cobras:

Enhanced Cobras

These larger spectral serpents are much bulkier and are equipped with a more potent venom sac, containing strong corrosive venom. Instead of spitting small projectiles of venom, this variation of spectral cobra spits large balls of acidic venom, which leave behind puddles of the corrosive spit.

Enhanced Cobra Spit Puddles

Staying within these puddles will whittle your health down bit by bit, so it would be wise to try avoiding them. However, this effect is only temporary, as the spit puddles will dry out eventually.

Enhanced Mummies:

An Enhanced Mummy Warrior

At first glance, these guys seem like the average mummy warriors of Apep that you see everywhere in the Duat. However, as the old saying goes, "Do not judge a book by its cover". Once weakened enough, these enhanced mummies will transform into a mightier and larger version of itself.

Large Enhanced Mummy
Uh oh!

These larger forms boast extra health, and can knock you backwards with a swift arm swing. Although it is a lot slower being unable to run, it can summon blasts of fire from the ground, where the player stands. Prepare to run if the floor beneath your feet starts to glow!

Fire Blast
"Ouch! That burns!"

With these enhanced enemies roaming about the Duat, will you be able to reach ascension?

Until next time!
Ean (The Rare Aquatic Pyro)

TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

When can we expect the next demo?

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Also the shader seems a bit off, with the shadows and lighting on the characters, is it the default diffuse/spec shader?

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TheRareAquaticPyro Author
TheRareAquaticPyro - - 4 comments

Well, a newer demo hasn't been planned, but we might have something in store later this December. Yes, its using the default shaders.

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TheRareAquaticPyro Author
TheRareAquaticPyro - - 4 comments

Update: The shading has been fixed. There was a problem with the smoothing on the exported models.

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